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Alaskan Brown Bear activity captured at McNeil River Wildlife Sanctuary on the Alaskan Peninsula. These images represent just some of the roughly 5,000 images taken over a five year period.

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Mighty FishermanRickSheremeta-8986RickSheremeta-8978Alaskan Bear Surveys its DomainMom and Cubs on AlertRickSheremeta-8476Alert FishermanRickSheremeta-8338RickSheremeta-8321RickSheremeta-8269RickSheremeta-8237Bohemouths Face OffRickSheremeta-8224RickSheremeta-8215RickSheremeta-8214RickSheremeta-8201RickSheremeta-8170RickSheremeta-8151RickSheremeta-8114RickSheremeta-9511

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Bev Suszek(non-registered)
Oh my goodness Rick, these are absolutely amazing! Some made me cringe, some made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and some I laughed right out loud! The babies are adorable, especially the two that look like they are dancing. I just had to post it on FB it is so cute. Also, the little guy holding onto his 'catch.' Thanks for sharing... love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!!!
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