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"Sleeping Bear" (MG_8026)

This is once-in-a-million photograph of an Alaskan Brown Bear fast asleep, in a pool at McNeil River Falls on the Alaskan Peninsula, cradling its latest salmon catch as if it were its very own Teddy.

Each bear had its own specific method of fishing and favorite spot where it would fish and eat the catch. It was very typical to see a bear fish for an hour or so and then meander off into the brush to take a little snooze before resuming their fishing activities. This bear always brought its salmon into a calm pool along side of the Falls where it could consume it in relative peace and safety. On this particular occasion it must have been so tuckered-out that it just decided to stay put right in the water to catch a few Z's.

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"Sleeping Bear" (MG_8026)