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Each black and white photograph is created directly from RAW file data initially captured via digital camera in color format. In this manner, no valuable image data is lost or results predetermined through pre-defined in-camera black and white conversion algorithms.

Utilizing sophisticated digital darkroom techniques, we are able to acquire the highest quality black and white image possible by painstakingly adjusting individual color hues prior to black and white conversion. By working with individual colors, it is possible to achieve results that are more exacting and with richer crisper tonal ranges than those obtained from wet darkroom techniques previously used in film development and processing, and in a more environmentally friendly manner without the use of toxic chemicals. When necessary, fine tuning of exposure and contrast are employed to achieve the desired end result much in the fashion of traditional dodging and burning methods. Additionally, we give certain images an overall toned effect – similar to vintage sepia toned prints of old - in order to provide them with a certain characteristic feel in tune with their individual subject matter.

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